Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knight in Pinstripes

I find myself dating someone who "gets it" and this is unique for me.
I'd mentioned him briefly in my last post.  We've been officially dating for a little over three weeks now.  We've known each other longer than that and we've known of each other much longer than that still.

It's been a while since a post because everything is so busy.  Cons, conferences, presentations…  And my knight. 
He doesn't stifle my creativity though.  Not at all.  He is my partner and a friend as well as a romantic interest.

Of course, I'm terrified. 
And then I am incredibly calm and everything is natural…
and then I'm terrified because I'm calm.
And thankfully, he is patient.  He is actually patient and kind.

I often want to bond with the wrong people, so I'm thankful that my Knight is actually a nice guy, while also having a brain in his head. 

This is what he looks like in my mind, and I think he looks this way to himself as well:

See, if you've been paying attention to this blog, you know a little about my not-really-love life over the past few years.  This had left me paranoid and afraid to let go.

My Knight just accepts this without question, which makes me let my guard down more easily. 
It's refreshing.

Generally, my intersections with people… 
Well, here is an example:

Today's youth. 
Keep in mind, I was actively drawing when Pant-ception showed up in my peripheral vision. 

"Do you draw?" He asked.
"What?" I responded, unsure if he was speaking to me.
"Sorry.  ….Do you draw?" He asked again.
"Uhhh…"  I looked at my drawing, trying to figure out what I had missed.  "Yes.  Yes I do draw."
"Cool," he said, "I draw too."
I put my pencil down, eager to be an inspiration to today's youth.  "Yeah?" I said, "What do you like to draw?"
He mumbled out, "People. … graffiti.  Lots of stuff."  He said nothing else.  I waited, but that was it.
"…" I blinked.  "That works."
That was the end of it.  This was oddly a typical conversation between strangers and myself. 

But my Knight is different. He is a fan of my work just as I am of his.  He is on my level in every way.  Well, he is more energetic than I am, and that is for the best.

That was all too sappy, so to end, El Chupacockbra: