Sunday, September 29, 2013

My Family and Their Pets

To recap here:

My sister's dog answer's to it's name, "little bunny," and a combination of the two. 

The cat (who has become my father's cat, apparently) was raised by a dog and never quite figured out that she is a cat, which makes her this wonderful cat/dog mix that is perfect. 

The guinea pig has been hanging out with the hermit crabs too long and is learning things.  

Seriously.  She wanders around her cage wearing her house.  

She's obviously not stuck, since she does this with any of the houses (Mom likes to switch them up sometimes) and gets out of them all the time.  

Guinea crab.  

Hermit pig. 

Just thought you all should know. 


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Acceptance Snowman

I figured out why my relationship is working.  

It’s not that he ignores my mental health issues, and it’s not that he is in some kind of denial in another way…  

It’s not even that he figures I’ll get better and different and he’s just waiting around.  

It’s that he looks at me, knows I’m working to change what I think needs changing, and he’s proud of me for that…
And at the same time, the only thing he sees as wrong is the fact that I’m sometimes unhappy with how I am.  

He doesn’t see how I am as wrong, just the unhappy factor, which he is pleased as punch to help me fix. 

This picture is a perfect example:

I was kind of obsessively balling up Dove wrappers as I ate the chocolates.  
I find their little messages weirdly comforting sometimes, and I started attaching two of the wadded up balls of foil together. 

My Knight in Pinstripes looked at this.  

Instead of saying, “That’s garbage” or “What the Hell are you doing?” he just automatically processes a meaning behind it and goes, “Oh!  We’re building a snowman!” and makes a head for it.  

He accepts that I'm not quite what I would like to be, and he realizes that I sometimes have trouble functioning as well as I would like to, but he accepts me as I am.  

He accepts me as I am
he accepted me when I was at my lowest point, 
and he continues to accept me as I grow and change for the better.  


I’m keeping this man (Rob, not the tin snowman) forever.  

Friday, September 20, 2013

100th Post! ...And Still About Moving.

We are finally out of "Le Shithole" and into a much better place.  The journey here was quite exciting.  For one thing, our old lease isn't really up for a couple more weeks, but I'll get to that.  

First, I'll start this one off letting you know about the wounds I received before we even really started moving.  

See, I was putting laundry away, like an adult, when I realized that there was 
A. a little dent in the floor where a slightly pushed in foot of a dresser could catch and 
B. a reason why the paperwork for the dresser said to NEVER have more than one drawer open at a time, which had never been an issue before that moment.  

Cue the dresser slowly tipping... Okay, maybe it was fast, but it felt like slow motion.  It also seemed that I suddenly had no legs: 

Instead of, you know, MOVING OUT OF THE WAY, I decided I was Wonder Woman and that I was going to save the dresser.

Fun fact: I am not Wonder Woman. 

That being said, I did manage to not only "save the dresser" which wouldn't have died or something anyway, but I also saved the pig.  

Yes.  Yes, I saved the giant, shiny, metallic purple piggy bank, which was filled with coins, as it HURLED AT MY FACE.  

This is not the last image anyone wants to see before they die: 

The goggles make him go faster.  

Totally a sign to move, we sent our old landlord a notice and when she didn't respond, we called to make sure she got it.  

She got it. 

She just didn't seem to particularly care. 

Okay then.  

So, she scheduled a time for showing the place, (even though she hadn't looked at it to clear us first but whatever) and we were all fine with that. 

We were frantically packing and cleaning to get it all ready, so imagine our surprise when she showed up a day early to show the apartment. 

When we called her, she complained about the state of the apartment.  

...The apartment we still lived in.

The apartment we still had our crap in.


The apartment she basically broke into, assuming no one was home, to show to a stranger when we still have stuff there. 

What followed was a crazed mess of WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE NOW.

In being so frantic, my well meaning, wonderful, perfect boyfriend managed to drop a shelf on my leg.  

Yes, THAT leg.

Here is the map of pain that was my leg: 

To clarify, the dropping of the dresser before hadn't just bashed me in the knee, but also did some interesting things to my shoulder and arm, due to Wonder Womaning it.  

So, my right arm kinda matched my left leg: 

I, of course, then hurt my other leg multiple times on my corner desk. 

Still, the frantic packing had to continue.  

This meant that clearly labeled, well packed masterpieces quickly gave way to these: 

My handwriting often mirrors my attitude and lifestyle of "GARBLEIFJLKEFJIECFALFUCKNUTS"

My legs were still hurting a couple of days later, and steadily getting worse with each movement.  

Eventually, it felt like my legs were somehow too long, trying to get up to that old, shitty, third floor apartment.

After a few walks back and forth, I resigned myself to the fact that I was going to be mostly useless carrying things, so I stuck to packing and organizing where I could. 

Pretty soon, I could barely even feel the pain, because I could barely even feel my legs at all. 

I'm amazed the men-folk didn't die.  
My knight didn't want to stop, which led to us kind of sitting him down to tell him he had a problem.  
Who knew moving might need an intervention?  

We were so thankful that a few of our best buddies came to help out too!  Poor bastards stayed with us until it was downright unreasonable for them to bother.  

There was, of course, a causality.  There is always one.  

Thankfully, this will be an easy fix, as it was only the glass part that cracked.  

I was unreasonably sad about it, but not because of what it was, so much as general stress, pain, and remembering that I've had the damn thing for a decade in storage and can only NOW comfortably set it up where I live.    

Once it's fixed again, it shall resemble Lydia's vanity from the Beetlejuice cartoon.  

The new place is amazing, by the way.  We effectively moved from the city to the country and it's not even that far away.  

We even got some new furniture for the occasion.  I got rid of my corner desk, which had served me well for a good seven or so months, and got a real writing/computer desk.  

 Is now: 



The kitchen is huge. 

Oh, and

We even get a new bed on Tuesday!! 

...We also have spiders.

BUT it's a giant step up from cockroaches and mice, so awesome.  

We quickly realized that we each have three keys.  Two are for the front door, and one is for our apartment.  This is awesomely secure, but none of them are labeled yet sooo...
Extra fun in the dark! 

I made the decision to get key caps for them, because I'm a cool kid.  I got too many so that others can use them too, if so desired.  

The ones I actually ordered are a pack of kitten heads, multi-colored skulls, and ones to make the key look like a guitar.  ... "Keytar"

I only didn't get Oswald the Lucky Rabbit because I figured his ears would come off right quick and I'd be sad.  

Once we were done the initial moving in, of course we had somewhere else to go.  My Knight in Pinstripes had already promised a friend that he would see her on her birthday, and he wanted me to meet her.  
We also dragged our housemate, who deals with all of our shit rather amazingly well.  

It wasn't as busy as we thought it would be.  Plus, we got to hear a woman who sounds like a less strung out Janice Joplin sing Lady Gaga, so that was cool. 

Rob's friend (who apparently knows a bunch of my good friends?  *sings*  It's a Small World After All) recognized his need for a hair cut and may still wind up taking care of that for him

From Bruce Campbell look-a-like to Mullet Man. 

We are still working on unpacking.  Every now and then, I get frustrated and give up for a little while.  

For example, I couldn't find the two Batman pieces, one Wonder Woman piece, or one Superman piece, so I just-

You go, Super Wonder Woman Man! 

With all of this going on, I've felt a little burnt out because I also have other stuff I should be doing.  

I have a million projects, papers, and presentations I should be working on for school.  

I haven't had time to draw beyond sketches, this blog, and doodles in my notes, so I feel weird spiritually. 

I've been so burnt out... All I want to do is sit and play games. 

BUT I'm getting back in the swing of things.  I present something I don't even remember what next week, and I'm feeling pretty confident that it'll go smoothly.  

Getting this post up feels good too, so there's some emotional balance there.  

I've got the weekend to catch up.  

I've even been driving and eating alone more often, so those are good signs for my mental health.  

I think we'll be very happy here.