Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

New Thanksmas.
I wrote this before the party:
We asked people to bring things to eat and drink.  We called it a kind of pot luck and so others got excited.  When you label something with a fancy title, suddenly the most mundane thing really does feel fancy. 

I told them to bring food, drinks... Honestly anything.

The potluck thing only happened because at first we were like, "Hell yeah! We're just gonna cater this shit!" and then we realized that we are poor and so other people also need to bring things.

As is, we've decided to try to decorate the basement for use just in case we get enough people for space to be an issue.  ...This will either be fantastic or terrible and either way it will certainly be entertaining.

3 Days Later...

Here is what I'm writing now, after the party:
..."New Year's Eve" turned into "New Year's Weekend".  We called it "New Thanksmas" and then tried to shove Halloween in there too.  Our basement was adorned with orange, black and green crepe paper.  It did not look any less creepy that way.  In fact, with the occasional piece hanging down precariously, it actually looked a little more like a serial killer's basement.  Now, it just looks like the mad killer had a crazy birthday party. 

Welp, I had said to say if you wanted me to draw a silly picture for this, and more than a few people said "Hell yeah!"  So, here it is:

Many people came.  Some do not like each other.  Some actually HATED each other with a fiery passion... and then made up.  That's right.  My friends may be enormous assholes, but some of them actually do try to get along.  I appreciated that quite a bit. 
Also, my housemate made jellO shots of every color of the rainbow:

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Purple all attended!  Fuck you, "Indigo".  Nobody likes that guy, so he's not in our rainbow.  "Roy G. Biv."  Fuck that guy too.  Also screw the kids who say the primary colors are "magenta, cyan and green".  ...Or even "red, blue and green".  You know who you are.  My boyfriend is one of these people.  Light also had no business at my party.  Paint says all the colors mixed together are brown.  I agree with Paint.  Light wants to be all fancy with her "white" bullshit. 


So, at midnight I turned into a pumpkin, but still attempted to party each night long into the day or until I felt like I was going to pass out or get sick.  By "get sick" I mean that I had gotten to the point of no sleep and too much candy where sleep was really no longer an option.  It was just a woozy time with me wandering around aimlessly pretending to have any idea what was happening.  I did not get drunk.  ...I just don't like doing it.  There were a couple other people not drinking at all.  Our party accepted all types of drinkers:  Heavy, Barely, Non, Depressive and "Wooooooooooooo!"
 Edit: I should make some kind of a test to determine which type of drinker a person may be.

At one point, a close friend happily shook my hand and said "fuck you" with a big grin.  He did this to everyone he could find after stating (again, rather gleefully) that he hated everyone.  I don't think this was so much an alcohol related thing.  He does that.  We accept him.  Personally, I accept him mainly because he accepts me.  We have a mutual understanding of, "yep.  She/He's like that."

We watched the ball drop (which I think should still be an apple, because "ball drop" just sounds... not right) and then watched lots of people make out on television.  I kissed le boyfriend. *D'Aw!*  ...Wow.  Typed "killed" for a moment.  That would have been a VERY different sort of post!
Also, the television made me realize that I am not terribly hip to the jive of the music kids are listening to today.  (Those of you who suddenly wonder if you are reading the blog of a great-grandmother of some kind... I'm 25.  I just talk funny when I am tired.  ...Like now.  Also, my sleeping boyfriend is kicking me.  He is AWFUL to sleep next to after parties.  "I wanna PUSH YOU off the bed."  "WAIT I LOVE YOU COME CUDDLE WITH ME!"  "You know what sounds fun?  Right now?  SLEEPING SIDEWAYS."  "Yeah... the bed is massive but *SHOVE* SAY HELLO TO MR. WALL!"  Sleeping boyfriend is an asshole.   Anyway, I'm not a grandma.)

We played games, listened to music and we were in general very silly.  Our upstairs elephants did not attend.

I'll probably add to this later.  If anyone has anything to add like memories, commentary of the evening(s), ...stuff, either comment or send it to me via some other means.  I'll add it in an edit.  (Also, tell me what to call you on this damn thing.)

OH and I got to eat most of an enormous apple, covered in caramel, chocolate and mini-marshmallows.  ...The apple was covered in these things in the beginning.  I was only covered in them when I was done eating the apple.

I realize that it is now 2011.  I don't think I'll remember that for long.  When Y2K hit, my computer was fine, but my brain was not.  Ever since, I've been writing things like "1910".  I think it's just proof that I'm a confused time traveler who has had my brain wiped by the gov'ment.

EDIT:  So far, one friend has said only, "HAHA".  I think this sums up the evening pretty damn well.

Dustin said, "Great blog and yes, they let anyone have a blog now!"  This is, of course, in reference to my saying "GUYS!  The internet let me have a BLOG!  Me!  I can post things for the world to see!"  Somehow, I thought this would help me succeed at dominating the world.


  1. Roy G. Biv is my homeboy, keep that in mind while you insult him. We've got each others back.

  2. I'll admit, I like him when he's drunk.

  3. What flavor would Indigo Jell-O be anyways? And I will personally send out an invitation to him/her when I get the address, but his/her secretary is being a beeotch and avoiding my calls. Sorry Indigo.

  4. Well then that was a good evening and another bottle of pyrat down.

  5. Jaye, I still like your comment of "I was there i was drunk i became sober i went home and became drunk again and then went to breakfast once sober again long night"

    And Beth, Indigo would have to be some kind of mixed berry, I think.

  6. Oh... the joys...

    I was so glad to be a part of this night, and I hope we can do this as often as possible...

    I also do enjoy the fact that I showed up at 11:40, and was caught up to some of the drunkest by 12:10... 30 minutes is plenty of time when you're double fisting shots. Lmao.

    All in all, this was by far my BEST new years, or new thanksmas, or whatever you wanna call it!


  7. ALSO... I enjoy that one of the tags is "slizzerd"

    That is fancy.