Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Anxiety Monster

My Knight and I were talking about what our anxiety looks like, assuming it has been personified into some kind of horrible creature.  

We very quickly came up with this:

It was quick because, well, OF COURSE it looks like that.  

Now, on good days, there are people who can ignore the anxiety monster.  

I've never been so good at that, so while he isn't the most threatening thing in the world to me, (these days) he can still be super creepy.  



Though, for the most part, he's just kind of annoying.  
He is annoying in the way that he does shit like this:  

He is the opposite of helpful. 

He also enjoys SCREAMING in the middle of the night.

Normally I'd give some advice on how to deal with the anxiety monster.  
I usually try to use these kinds of posts to offer some helpful hints on how to avoid the ball of stress I had become in my life.  

Unfortunately, I haven't quite figured out how to get rid of this guy.


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