Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Girls in Cups!

My next mini, self assigned sketchbook project will be drawings of girls in cups. I will attempt to sketch various races, weights, hair styles and clothing. ...Also, I will use various cups/glasses. If you have a particular object or type of cup you would like me to draw, say so!
     So far, I've got:
    •    A goblet!
    •    Margarita glass
    •    Champagne flute

    •    and a classic martini glass
    •    A tea pot
    •    A Japanese tea set
    •    A burlesque girl in a cocktail glass.   
    •    A curvy girl coming out of a toaster
    •    A wine glass
    •    One lady looking really miffed about being in a sandwich.
    •    Someone asked for an ogre in a cup.  We'll see if this becomes a female ogre or an ogre with a pretty girlfriend. 
    •    As for one person saying "2 girls, 1 cup", I may just have to do two girls laughing inside a dish of chocolate mousse.

-Fairy in a shotglass.  

    •  1950s swimmers with flower covered swim caps taking a dip in something fizzy, like a mimosa or something.

    • a ninja in a coffee cup. ...So you may wind up a ninja.   In fact... The coffee cup can be a plastic mug shaped like a pirate's head.

    • ...and if I do a mermaid at some point, it may have to be next to sushi looking horrified.

  • "I have an image in my head of a girl pouting inside an upside-down water glass with a huge piece of chocolate next to her and a string tied to a stick stuck under the edge of the glass.... like she'd been trapped there."
    EDIT: This is not at all what was suggested... but here:

    -Ice cream

  • viking lady in a ornate viking challis, to which I asked "Should the viking lady be in opera-style full gear or as little as possible?"
  • "Jack: "i want you to draw me in a German Boot beer glass. and i want to be pretty...maybe some sexy lingerie." and Z will be outside of the glass, with her hands on her hips, looking pissed because you are wearing her underwear.

    •    Female versions of historical presidents in cups of soup?  I think I'll do the girl-presidents lounging in soup (complete with spoon) as though it's a hot tub.

I figure, I'll do a bazillion sketches... and any I really like, I'll do in water color.
        I'll sketch things and see what happens.   
This is going to get very silly very quickly!

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  1. This has gotten carried away, and I'm very pleased by that!