About My Work

I'll use this section to talk briefly about my ongoing projects.  Otherwise, each one would get an entry that would need to be constantly updated.  

Currently, I'm working on four major projects, and then a bunch of little ones.  These are not commissions.  I have those too (you can check out rates on this site somewhere), but that isn't what I'm talking about.

I have a comedy/romance/very dark humor/noir detective tale I'm writing with a friend.  We hope to have the first part published very soon.

I have a couple of comics in the works too.
One is Mr. No, with a different friend.  It will be creepy and adorable.  You can see what the villian looks like here:

At the bottom of this page, you can see a little dancing version of the main character.

The other big comic is Donna Pierce.  She will be for adults only.  She swears (like everything I do, really) and she happens to be naked a lot.  Also, she likes nerds.  A lot.
First page:

Lastly, there is Deddrie.  Over at www.deddrie.com, you will find terrible comics.  Some are poorly drawn, some are just crude humor... Most are both.  Wooo!

Fun videos!

If I ever have my etsy back up, I'll post new things here.  Otherwise, I do take commissions and donations through paypal.

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