Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is this bullshittery?

Okay.  ...guh.  Fook.


Right.  I'm SO not okay in the health department at the moment.
Mind you, I've had allergic reactions where I could have died, and I've had pieces of bone refuse to grow... but some how?

This right now is worse.  I'm going to draw this when I feel like it won't come out like a giant glob of black ink instead of a coherent drawing, but right now my head is titled back in a sad effort to desperately not drip snot on my keyboard.

EDIT:  Okay, here's the drawing:

I sneezed and the snot got everywhere.  A head as small as mine should not have so much snot.  It does not scientifically, medically make sense.  Something the size of a bowling ball should not be able to fit an entire liquid slime elephant inside of it's tiny frame.

OH my god.

It's everywhere.

It's in my hair and on my arm and on my PANTS it's on my PANTS AND IT'S WET and it's SNOT ON MY PANTS.

...Jen took an instant Tide stick thing to my pants.  I feel like a small child who needs Mommy to clean up her shit.  ...Oh god.

Oh my fook I have class tonight.  I can't even call out.  Did that last time.  What the Hell am I going to do in class???  I'll be drippy and sleepy and I'll snot on a girl sitting next to me and she'll cry and everyone will hate me and they'll call me snot-girl forever and even if I get famous, that'll be my nickname until even my own mother calls me Snot-Girl for the rest of my life.

Oh muh guh.

EDIT:  I drew these in class:

OH! Oh.  And... and Genericon is this weekend.  YEAH I'm working the Artists Alley and I'm going to sell prints of Deddrie and stuffed cats and skull keychains and I'll be by my buddies and there will be SNOT EVERYWHERE and no one will buy anything because I have SNOT COOTIES.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHGUH what am I doing?  This is terrible!  Why now?  WHhhhyyyy?  I was JUST at the ear, nose and throat doctor.  He said I looked fine.  ...and now... and now I'm full of snot.

Oh, and I was totally illegally in a thing that was not really a study but it's okay cause now my medication for my allergies that works is available to everyone... and I'll never get any money back even though insurance covers it now.   BUT!  But now I can get the medicashuns for my allergeees.

Fuck my life.

UPDATE:  I just sneezed so hard that it felt like someone punched me in the eye.

EXTRA UPDATE:  Genericon went fine... but I was sick for SO MUCH LONGER because of it.