About Me

My name is Rowyn Golde and I have always loved cartooning.  When I say "cartooning", this goes into many categories: sequential art as a whole, traditional animation, comics (strips, books, graphic novels), and illustration. 

My arm is not always up to par, as I am missing a small piece of the ulna bone by both of my wrists.  However, I have mostly learned to work around it and I continue to draw and sculpt and sew as much as possible.

My art can be seen in a couple of places, but this blog is for unfinished work, works in progress, sketches, ideas, and utter failures.  This is also a place for my rants and old stories that simply have no other place to be.  For those, I illustrate with simple pictures that I have one shot to do.  This means that I do not sketch them out first, I do them in pen, and if I screw up, that's what you are still going to see.  It's actually a very fun and helpful exercise for me. 

I have two Bachelors.  One is in Art, and the other is in Psychology.  I have a strong interest in Criminology and what mental trauma can actually do physically.   Hallucinations, drug-related or otherwise also interest me, though I do not personally partake in any mind altering substances.  This used to be out of fear.  Now I just don't want to.  Simple as that.  However, if others do, that's neat.  I'll probably ask them what it was like. 

I have had a lot of stress in my life and some pretty extreme traumas.  As such, no, I'm not the most stable person in the world.  I never learned how to drive or even ride a bike, and I have some odd fears and anxieties that don't always make sense.  It's another reason I use this blog to talk it all out.  I want to remind myself that I do know it isn't real, and that some of it can even be entertaining and funny. 

I do not have schizophrenia or anything related to it.  However, when under extreme stress I have been known to have minor visuals pertaining to bugs and worms, or rooms distorting.  It doesn't last long and these days I can tell the difference.  It is purely stress related.  This means that I have gone years at a time without any of that.  Still, it makes for fun artwork.  Worse is when I have nightmares, because I often take a very long time to fully wake up from them.  This means, essentially, that I am "awake" but still have one foot in my nightmare.  Those are worse than seeing bugs. 

My love of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland probably came from all of that.  Darker versions like the two games from American McGee and the movie Sucker Punch make me feel very comfortable for their likenesses to what my brain does. 

I'll add more to this at some point, but for now, I think that's all you kids need to know.