Thursday, January 6, 2011


I realized something awful about myself today...

I think I only wanted the nylon string guitar, because I wasn't touching the steel string guitar.   If you read the edit below, you'll see that I'm just being crazy here and that there are a lot of reasons for having both guitars.

...and I think the only reason I don't touch either now is because other people play them.  I realize how crazy that sounds.
It seems, the more others play my guitars, the less I feel like they're mine.

I go from being really protective of them, but playing them all the time, to giving in to other people when they want to play... to actually feeling bad when I DO play, as though I'm stealing someone else's guitar.

In response to, "you're better at it than I am", a friend (who often enjoys playing my guitar) said, "well, I've been playing for a year.  You've only just started!"
...I've had that steel string for about a year.  I had it from way before we moved...  and my parents have been "teaching" me from long before that.  Just sayin'.

...then it becomes just letting my parents down because the guitar was pretty much the only thing I had in common with them.   I hope that we go back to a lesson a week.  That would help.

EDIT:  Apparently just posting this was helpful.  My boyfriend's support also helped quite a bit.  I know I can be scary and depressing, but luckily, he loves me.

I am now obsessively playing one of my guitars.

EDIT:  Okay!  To explain why I have two guitars beyond the weirdness above: 
1)  My mom got me the steel string and my dad got me the nylon.  They aren't divorced or anything, but it was two separate "lets bond" trips.

2) There really is a difference between nylon and steel.  My friend has a six and a twelve string. There are just LOTS of different types of guitars in the world.  My steel string is also an acoustic/electric, which means I can plug it into my tiny little amp and make it louder.

3) The neck on a steel string is actually thinner.  However, the strings of a nylon are a bit easier to pluck and hold down. (That almost sounded very sexual)  As a result, one is easier on my wrist, and the other is easier on my fingers.
One day, I also hope to own a full electric guitar just for the sound.

EDIT to the EDIT:  The steel has since been replaced by a full on electric guitar... that is too heavy for me.  It's awesome and has an inlay of skulls and crossbones in the neck, but I can only play it while sitting down.  

...Also, new fancy braces on my ring fingers will take some getting used to.  They are made of silver, so...  Hmm.

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