Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Bored" Yet?

I don't normally pump drawings out this fast, so since this one happened in two days, I figured I'd show how it was done.  

There is no progress picture of the usual "I swear these blobs and scratchy lines will be a thing" phase because I whipped through it too quick. 

That being said, references would have been a brilliant move. 
Oh well.

I knew that I wanted the ironing board in the middle to be wearing a suit. 

The others were a little harder to decide for.  

There have been a few interpretations of this piece, which makes me happy. 

Didn't use any body references, but I DID look up thousands of ironing boards, surfboards, and irons.

The surfboard's design changed a bit as things went on...

...Which kind of forced the iron to change, because I either wanted all three to have a flower print, or only have the ironing board have one.

Visually speaking, Surfboard was a too busy anyway.  


 Scanned and cleaned up in Photoshop!

 Flat color on their clothes and heads...

Color has never been my greatest skill...

Flat color everywhere else...

Decisions were made about Surfboard. 

SHADING!  (Well, very minor shading.)


And that's it!  

...Mainly because I don't feel like working on it anymore. 




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