Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Yet Another Post About Poop

My cat. OH MY GOD.
She just got in the arching "Imma shit now" position, I yelled at her, MOVED HER WITH MY FOOT

and she shat anyway.

 "You see me trollin'…"

This cat gives NO SHITS except for the literal kind.


Okay, her's is really not that... Like that, but this is more graphically interesting to draw.

I wish I had the balls this freaking cat does. My god.
Next time I get rejected by a man who has been flirting for months, that's it. I'm just gonna shit right there.

 "Yeah... You were like, third and a half choice."

Drop trow and just shit right in front of him, possibly on his feet.

Get a crap grade in a class? 


Oh, drama happening with friends or family?

Disarm the situation by shitting right there on the rug!  Or even on the furniture! 

Fuck you, cat.

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