Sunday, June 23, 2013

Deddrie Update

Some of you may have noticed that I hadn't posted a Deddrie comic in a bazillion years. 

I go through bouts of drawing them and then chunks of time where nothing happens.  The worst is when I've drawn a bunch, and then lost the originals... then found myself having to either create them again, knowing I might find them... Or just not bothering.

Guess which I do most?

I FINALLY had a giant, three page Deddrie professionally scanned because it was too big for my scanner.  I PAID to have this done and it wound up more expensive to scan it and email it to myself than to have a print made.


And then, when I went to post it... 

No site.

Completely down.

We had moved the site over from one host to a less shitty host, and in the process, things got a little garbled. 

So right now, there is a thing saying that Deddrie isn't home right now...

BUT the Cornsbrook Killer WILL BE BACK
and there will be comics once again at!

I promise.

Stuff will happen and it'll be even nicer than before.

...Though the oldest comics will still be fairly illegible and I'm still not bothering with my font and and backgrounds... I'm still a lazy shit.

BUT there will be COMICS!  

And I'll post here when the site exists again. 

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