Friday, June 21, 2013

Adventures in Fabric: Tops Down!

Continued from last time, I'll start off with a fun fact. 

Want to spruce up an old tank top?  Cut out the crotch of a new pair of tights or slice off each leg to make sleeves:



 You can even cut thumb holes...

Next up, a friend of mine gave me a T-shirt that is wonderful but was huge on my teeny tiny body: 

 It still needs to be hemmed and cleaned up, but this the dress I've made from it so far: 
Not bad for not knowing what the Hell I'm doing, right?  


HOKAY.  Last on this list today is the awful, too big turtle neck I never wear: 

Becoming a warm cut-out T:
This was taken before the last bit of cleaning up and sewing around the chest holes, but you get the idea. 

Sleeve detail: 


EDIT:  Why haven't I posted updated pictures of these?  ...  Still not doing so.  
Oh well. 

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