Friday, July 12, 2013

Adventures in Fabric: Summer Fun!

This'll be the last post I make like this for a bit until I get started actually working on that dress I talked about in the first one.  I'll be showing a step by step then too.  

Most of these have tutorials on various sites and in books about doing fun things with shirts.

First up, I got this shirt at a thrift store.  I sliced off the collar and the sleeves before anything else.  It was slightly too big as well: 

 Here is what I did to the back:
 Aaand a close up: 
The red underneath is a separate, not attached shirt. 

Next up is a shirt from one of the thousands of colleges I've gone to in my time.  The design for this logo was done by my friend Teresa.  Check her out here among other sites.  
Again, I sliced off... everything:
 After cutting the bottom into a triangle, I went ahead and had fun with the back:
 Next was an old Donald Duck shirt I loved a lot.  It had never fit right, so I made it fit a different way using a similar method to above, but with outside materials, rather than the shirt itself:
 Laced up the back, it is also a halter top: 
 This one was two different shirts, each sliced right down the middle and then sewn together.  It was going to be a skirt, and might still be (now that I'm wearing skirts again) but right now it's another halter: 

Okay.  I think that's enough for now.  Ready for my first real sewing project?

...I mean, I've done like... stuffed animals and a ninety inch sandworm (See: Birthday Bashing) but never an OUTFIT from scratch!  I've already changed my mind about the fabric.  I want to use the fabric for something else (I have no idea what) and then a more simple, easy to work with fabric for the dress coming up.




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