Monday, August 12, 2013

The Darkness is Not Just a Band

I'm an adult.

I'm an adult with a slew of problems, both physical and mental... and sometimes spiritual and so on.  

I'm an adult...

And I'm, apparently, still afraid of the dark. 

Also, I seem to have a cold, so I currently have tissues shoved up my nose and look like this:

The snot.

Ew ew oh god, it's everywhere.

But, that's not important right now.

I'm gonna briefly relate what happened last night.

It's Rob's birthday, so I wanted to be helpful to him yesterday.  This mostly failed, since my body decided I was going to be sick instead. 

However, he still got a great art piece done and we had a nice relaxing time.  

OH!  Also!  He finished playing Madness Returns.  This pleased me.  Incredibly dark, but beautiful and-



The darkness...  

I wanted to start a new little mini notebook.  I use them for to-do lists and to jot down ideas, and my old one was all filled up.  

So, the idea was to transfer what little was still on the to-do list from the old one to the new one.

The problem was that we had already settled into the bedroom and I had left the notebook (one of many) on my desk in the office.  

What was meant to be like Mission Impossible quickly turned into a survival horror.  
 I made it to the door and saw only black death.  There are no light switches beyond the kitchen, so one has to walk into the dark, fumbling and helpless, in order to turn on the goddamn light.

To rectify this, I whacked my keyboard to wake it from sleep, in hopes of lighting the room via the computer screen.  
I would have pictured the computer sleepily saying, "Wha?  Oh.  Okay." but I was too busy being in a completely unnecessary, flailing panic to think of cute things.  

The light was fairly useless, but I managed to find the notebooks.  Not knowing which color was which, I grabbed them all.
 And then I ran like I was being chased by the Boogeyman.  
Cause, you know, I'm a not entirely fully functioning adult. 



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