Thursday, September 5, 2013

Moving! Again! Updates!

This'll be a quick post, attempting to explain what is currently happening in my life with three images.  



Seriously.  Everyone in this household is so freaking done with this moving crap.  However, our new place has a place to park and I won't be afraid to go outside.  Also, laundry.  Laundry is good.

Moving may also give us a reason to rectify the situation of 
My knight in pinstripes is not a small man.  
My bed is designed for a child or someone, you know, my size.  I'm exactly five feet tall and a little under weight, to give you an idea.  

Yeah no.  

This is not a bed designed for two adults sleeping, even if one is super tiny.  Besides, Rob's not-tiny-ness just kind of amounts to us equaling two normal adults anyway. 

Meanwhile, I've been stressing because I'm in my (hopefully) final year of school.  


One of my classes isn't so bad with this, but I feel a little weirdly out of the loop in the other two so far.  

I just wanna be a cool kid!  *cries* 

So, that's my update!  Lord knows when I'll get around to another, but I'll do my best!  


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