Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Acceptance Snowman

I figured out why my relationship is working.  

It’s not that he ignores my mental health issues, and it’s not that he is in some kind of denial in another way…  

It’s not even that he figures I’ll get better and different and he’s just waiting around.  

It’s that he looks at me, knows I’m working to change what I think needs changing, and he’s proud of me for that…
And at the same time, the only thing he sees as wrong is the fact that I’m sometimes unhappy with how I am.  

He doesn’t see how I am as wrong, just the unhappy factor, which he is pleased as punch to help me fix. 

This picture is a perfect example:

I was kind of obsessively balling up Dove wrappers as I ate the chocolates.  
I find their little messages weirdly comforting sometimes, and I started attaching two of the wadded up balls of foil together. 

My Knight in Pinstripes looked at this.  

Instead of saying, “That’s garbage” or “What the Hell are you doing?” he just automatically processes a meaning behind it and goes, “Oh!  We’re building a snowman!” and makes a head for it.  

He accepts that I'm not quite what I would like to be, and he realizes that I sometimes have trouble functioning as well as I would like to, but he accepts me as I am.  

He accepts me as I am
he accepted me when I was at my lowest point, 
and he continues to accept me as I grow and change for the better.  


I’m keeping this man (Rob, not the tin snowman) forever.  

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