Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Halloween Season!

I'm one of those people who gets over excited about Autumn.  

 After living in the desert, I missed the trees changing to be sure…

But Halloween is what really gets me.  

I love the corny and cute strange things.

The moment it becomes fall, I buy a thousand pairs of socks.

I start huffing various pumpkin-related candles.

I start going to decoration isles to pick out stuff for my future haunted mansion.

I have imaginary children.

I have imaginary pets.

I decorate my boyfriend.

I think up a million costume ideas, knowing I'll wind up doing one of the few I always do all the time, because I'll run out of time to do anything else.

Every so often, I am reminded of the classic horror characters of my youth.  
I decided to try quick sketches of whatever came to mind...
 I had a crush on Lon Chaney Jr. as a kid, and I loved the tragedy of the Wolfman. 

 The Egyptian imagery that comes along with the Mummy can be really beautiful when done right. 

 "Bleh bleh"  

There are a few seconds of behind the scenes of The Creature From the Black Lagoon on a family home video somewhere...  

 My father says Bride of Frankenstein is the superior film to the first.  In some ways, I can see that.  

 "Help me..."

I actually don't know what this bird lady is about. 

In any case, what makes this year special is that it's a good opportunity for me to take another step toward healing. 

Out of my own stubbornness, I'll want to try cider again, and certain Halloween candy, even if it says "may contain" whatever. 

I'll live dangerously, while actually being totally safe.

A couple years ago, my friend and I sat down and finished off a family sized box of Count Chocula in less than a weekend.  I want to be the person who will do that again. 

In fact, it's some kind of sign from above that Fruit Brute and Yummy Mummy are back after so many years of being discontinued. 

…Also, I should probably give Frankenberry another chance, since he is apparently supposed to actually be strawberry.  

Well, "strawberry flavored" anyway.  


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