Friday, November 29, 2013

The Rest of the What I Wore Challenge and Thanksgiving

The first part of this can be found here!

The What I Wore challenge goes for thirty days.  The idea is to last a month, but a started at a weird time, so I wound up ending on Thanksgiving.  

Day 13:  This is what I was wearing once the day was done.  The shirt is one with a little picture of Kyo from Fruits Basket on the bottom right corner.  Computerrr....

For day 14, the top is a hand-me-down from my mom, cause I’m so cool.  

You know, I have trouble drawing my full body because I’m a tiny, too thin thing with boobs.  I automatically want to draw myself with real people proportions, but I’m just not built that way.  I have no midsection, so I’m mostly limbs.  

In fact, I read a "body positive" thing online recently telling everyone that it is impossible to be built like me.  So, don't worry kids!  You aren't a freak, but apparently I still am.
Oh well.

Day 15 was a rainbowy Jack and Sally shirt.
...I chose a month where I’m just wearing a lot of jeans, and I’m aware of how boring this is.  

Next up, PINK on Day 16!  This shirt features a skeleton magician with his rabbit companion. 

It was my birthday weekend!  That has nothing to do with this image.  
This is day 17 of the What I Wore challenge.  
…I’m gonna need to start doing different things with my hair for these in the future. 
It’s not really visible, but along with the skull covered shirt, I’m wearing a star cartilage earring and an arrow with a star as my industrial on the other side. 

What I Wore challenge, Day 18 was still my birthday weekend!  
We went to a museum, I got to play skeeball… I had a damn good time and you can read that post here
My hair was half up, my ears were full of earrings, I wore a dress I made (Yep!  You can read about that too!), and I even wore leggings instead of jeans.

Day 19 of the What I Wore challenge!  It was the last day of my birthday weekend, so I had a crown. 

…I feel like half my clothing items only make sense when seen in real life. 

Day 20 was covered in spikes!

Yet another presentation for Day 21 of the What I Wore challenge…
Also, I keep drawing my hair too long.  
I guess I’m just anxious for it to grow out again.

Winter happened by Day 22... 

And on Day 23, I looked grumpy due to a headache.  

Day 24 of the What I Wore challenge: I had a migraine all day, so getting out of my pink fuzzy robe and pajama pants was not a thing that was going to happen.
 It's so weird seeing these quick blog-drawings in color...

Here we have a black wrap shirt over a grey under shirt for Day 25...  And jeans.   

Day 26 was more interesting!  
"Zombie" knee highs, leggings, and a velvety dress thing that has the shoulders cut out.  
It was warm and comfy.  

Elvira tee, half striped pants, and purple fuzzy socks on Day 27 of the What I Wore challenge.

Day 28 of the 30 day What I Wore challenge.  
I consider this my Marceline outfit.  
You know, Vampire Queen from Adventure Time and all that. 

Day 29 involved a silky jacket that makes me feel like an 80's rocker.
We had Thanksgiving a day early with my parents, since it was also the first night of Hannukah.    

Day 30 was Thanksgiving.  
Hung out with Rob's family... then we hung out with Rob's family.  So much family.  I like them a lot, and I wanted to look nice.  
This dress is sort of striped in layers of fabric.  
Once again, much prettier than what I drew.    
 Whew!  That's it for that! 

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