Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh Deer

First off, I'd like to say that I had this issue with giraffe-creatures and cows... horses... Pretty much any mammal with legs.

I go in thinking, "YEAH!  I know how to draw that thing!"  
And then I learn how wrong I am. 

Today was a deer.  

You see, I was trying to illustrate a moment my Knight and I shared that was magical and hilarious.  

But first, this is what came out of my pen: 
I mean... You can tell what it is, I think?  But... It's wrong.  

I took some time to work in a gestural way, to see if I could figure out the basic, underlying shapes involved... 

I give you:  Shitting Deer-Cow.

I tried again.

Why does it look old??  Old lady cow-deer-dog-horse. 

I gave up and decided it just needed a label. 

Magestic...  Read this as "Majestic" okay?  
Apparently I can't freaking spell today either.  

Spelling and deer.  

Screw you both with your legs and letters that sound the same.

In any case, we saw this pretty little deer prancing around being MAJESTIC, and then it- 
Tripped over a railing face first. 

The deer was fine, but we are cruel people, and so we continued to laugh at its spindly-legged deer plight.  



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