Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What the Hell I'm Doing

School has started again (my last semester, provided I don't screw up) and so everything is overwhelming and scary. 

To relax, I've smashed myself head first into a huge project, because that will totally help. 

Really, I'm just still working on an ongoing thing... 

Oh Hell, Donna!

I thought I'd take a moment to show you the general steps of how this works.  

1.)  I write a script.  This means I loosely say what I want to happen, then break that up into scenes, then break THAT up into dialogue and panels. 

2.)  Crappy, sketchy thumbnails that only make any sense to me, like this: 
Pages upon pages of that crap. 

3.)  I take a break to drink some tea. 

4.)  Pencils!  I usually get way ahead of myself and start doing the inking of the text in this phase, just to be sure there is room. 

...Don't do it this way.  I make terrible choices in my art. 

5.)  I draw all the borders, finish up the pencils...

6.)  Then I ink the pencils, erase EVERYTHING (meaning, Rob erases it) and scan it all in. 

7.)  Occasionally, I'll do a drawing separately to then use as a panel. 

8.)  Likewise, the backgrounds (usually watercolor) are done separately, and then placed in where they need to be. 

9.)  We have flat color (usually digital)... Though I have no examples to show you right now...

10.)  We have shades and highlights and backgrounds, oh my!

The end.

I also have a font/typeface of my handwriting, but I've only ever used it on one part of the comic, or places where I've screwed up while inking.  Hmm. 

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  1. Love it! I even got credit for my masterful work with the eraser!