Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Everything is Horrible, AND good news!

I feel like crap. 

I actually have an entirely different post for you planned, but I decided to do this first, so I have a reason to explain my ailments. 

My body, especially my head and neck, feel like it's just full of wet cement. 

I move, and the slow goop inside shifts to become extra heavy on the bottom.

Laying down, my bed is sometimes made of rocks…

Sometimes I get lost in the too-fluffy…ness. 

My toe keeps cramping. 

Just the one.  I don't know why.

My chest is a giant knot of flesh.

When I shift to my back, an invisible sandbag materializes directly onto my face.

My arms feel… flat. Two dimensional?

I can't even explain this one.

My nails are brittle.

My eyes are itchy and horrible.

They cry at nothing now.

My ass has turned to lead.

I'm told this is a head cold, brought on by the weather and pressure changes.

I hate this.


On a much LIGHTER note, Oh Hell Donna! is now in a countdown until the first comic is posted!! 

Go here to check it out: 
Oh Hell, Donna!
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