Friday, December 9, 2011

Videos to Tide You Over

I'll have a real post at some point.  Maybe tonight.  ...For now, here's some videos.

First off, we have the newest animation.  It's very short and has no background.  It's a test for a film my friend Dora and I are working on.  It will be cute and creepy and lovely. 
Mr. No video! Click! It's cute!
His name is Mr. No, and he protects the children at the park.

Next up, we have the only Deddrie animation ever.  It's uncolored and needs a lot of fixing up.  I have two other ideas for animations... but I hope to understand computers and the concept of only drawing a background once before I attempt either of them.
For now, you get this:

And of course, Dr. Pheesh.
This one is one of those videos I will keep forever for the sole purpose of showing the future husbands, wives, and children of everyone who let me film them in this piece of crap.  There are three of them total.  Yep.

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