Thursday, December 23, 2010

Wooo! I don't know what I'm doing!! Yaaaaaay!

Okay, so... I'm new to the whole... Interweb thing.  Yes, I realize that I technically grew up with this nonsense, but apparently some part of my brain thought, "Wow, what a silly phase!  Clearly, the internet won't last and then we can go back to books and pen and ink".  Clearly, I'm an idiot.  ...Or a beatnik who has gone through time and who has no idea how to return to her simple life of bongos and stickin' it to the man.


So I'll struggle through this, all waiting for whatever happens with my webcomic (Deddrie), and in the mean time, I'll do my best to amuse whoever happens to wander over here...  Probably through use of horrid tales of my youth.  Woo!

One day, I hope to have a blog full of Gonzo Journalism-type ramblings and truths.  If you don't know what Gonzo Journalism is, you may want to read a book, ever look into the writings of Hunter S. Thompson.   
I link, because I care.  Plus, of all the things of his I could link, I figure this is the one most people have at least heard of, since there's a movie and it involves plenty of drugs.  I don't mock this.  I embrace this.  After all, some of my best friends are movies.

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