Monday, December 19, 2011


Oh god.  Oh god.  Super glue all over my left hand.

On the bright side, I fixed my glasses.

On the down side, whenever I wear my glasses from here on out, my nose will be touching an ex-piece of my thumb's dead skin.

How am I typing this, you ask?  No, not one handed.  I managed to rip my fingers apart. 
They were glued together and to my glasses.
...Now I just can't feel anything past the layers of glue.

This is why I can't be an adult.

*picking at it*
UGH something just snapped off and hit me in the face!
...Please let it have been a hunk of glue...

Oh good!  No blood!

...It's so... grainy... Ugh.

This may actually be the most uncomfortable feeling in the world that does not involve pain.


I hate everything about what is happening on my fingers.

...As I just told a friend, it's really the piece of ...myself... forever attached to my corrective eye-wear that disturbs me more than anything. 

Needs me some nail polish remover...

Seems to be exfoliating my skin. 
I wonder how incredibly unhealthy this is.

EDIT:  Half an hour later, I seem to have gotten it off.  ...And my skin is all smoooooth underneath.  This would have been much easier with some nail polish remover.  Also, having one's nail glued to the finger in an area of the nail not usually attached in such a manner is rather unnerving.

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