Sunday, February 26, 2012

Psychoanalytic Nonsense and Amusing Pictures

We made ink blots!  ...Then I tried to make them into what I saw, using pen.  ...Except for the blue one because I just found it pretty.  Weeeee

Okay, so this first one wound up some kind of evil dark warlord or something.  ...Possibly something from Kingdom Hearts.  Note the giant hands and tiny, almost pretty, skull-like head:

Next up, I first saw this one as a fish, so I drew that on the side.  In the end, I decided it was a dress.  Very moldy... but a dress:

This one is pretty.   Lookit:

This one wound up like... the cover for Moth or something.  The three chunks of book are called "Moth", "Black Widow", and "Wasp":
Feel free to read into these all you want.

ALSO!  We did the scribble game.  This is where one person draws a scribble, and the other draws a picture using that scribble.  In most of these, you can't really tell where the scribble was:

Everything I make is either derpy, has breasts, or is frightening.  ...What the fuck?

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