Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Wrote a Blog-Like Thing!

Soon, I'll have a real post for (all 7 of) you.
I'm in the process of moving EVERYTHING I ever owned back to my homeland...  I'm sure that'll be a post too.  Hopefully a happy one.

...For now, here are some examples of how well I've been handling myself since my not so triumphant return.  Please click on any images that you feel should be blown up larger.  Clearly, my art here has such amazing amounts of detail that you'll want to see every pen stroke. :-D  Shh.

First of all, I've lost my grasp on the English language.  I say things that make sense on some level, but not enough levels:

Also, my mom and I totally just had two different conversations with ourselves... at each other...  as though we were talking to each other.  Soooo crazy is a family trait.  Good to know.

This mega crazy factor has been hard on my friendships.  Well, that isn't true.  It SHOULD have been hard on them, but thankfully my closest friends are endlessly patient.  I've even met some new people who very quickly showed just how wonderful they are.

Still, I feel like this is what is happening:

I've also developed an odd relationship with food.
Now, even as a kid, I've always had that to a certain extent for a number of reasons, (and I'll write a blog post about that next I think) but this is just ridiculous.  The paranoia is amazing:

I lost a good ten to fifteen pounds in two weeks before moving back.  This is particularly awful because I was only about 100 pounds to begin with at my heaviest.


I know I'm already starting to look better as my confidence slowly returns, but for now, I still feel like I look like crap.  

Lastly, my sense of heat seems off.  Everything is either too warm or too cold, and I blame the fact that I'm underweight again.

This is what I look like while trying to turn off the air conditioning unit in my parent's bedroom:

I'll explain myself better next time.
In the meantime, I wrote a thing!

Dating Horror Stories: The Mistake

Also, a silly poem:
Summertime Questions

...and a book review:
Snake Skin

With that, I leave you with a sexy Alice and a happy pumpkin. 

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