Sunday, April 14, 2013

Almost New Apartment

 It's been a month or so since a couple friends and I moved into our apartment and I never updated this thing about that move.  Sooo...  Let's start over.

 And I often see the world in very interesting and horrifying ways.

So far, I've learned that when my Knight isn't in my room with me, the world is a horrible, freezing cold place.

 In our kitchen, we have one tile that isn't quite glued down.  This hasn't been a problem, except when we forget about it and it catches one of us by surprise.  This would be easily fixable... but we just haven't.

 The other problem is the heat.  Now that Spring is upon us, it shouldn't be an issue anymore.  However...  It was.  The radiator was a pretty interesting issue, in fact.

 These things have a mind of their own when you have no key.

I'd melt from the heat and then FREEZE due to my fan that wouldn't stop.  You read that right.  It wouldn't stop.  I could control the light by the cord, but not the fan itself.  There was no switch.  

I had my buddy rip the damn thing apart.  

Beyond that though, the apartment is really nice.  We will be able to see the fireworks from our living room on the Fourth of July.  It's cozy and I have a little hallway that curves into my room.  It's all very nice.  

My art supplies have been slowly taking over the world, and in trying to push it all back, sometimes my other crap gets in the way.  This leads to some moments that are less than good. 

Here's hoping. 

And that is about the state of things.  

I've been eating pretty well, between bouts of stress.  My Knight has been cooking for me.  I'm very pleased by this and I'm thankful to have him by my side.  

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