Wednesday, May 1, 2013

I've Been Doin' Stuff! ... Really!

As you've seen before, my Knight and I view ourselves and each other in ways that probably don't make much sense outside of our very skewed context.  

For example, he is my love potato:

And I am his little pizza roll: 

And, as you've seen by now on this blog, I just don't see the world in a completely sane way in general.  


I need to do more artwork to let this... whatever it is out.  I've been in school for too long and I'm getting restless.  The last semi-decent art things I've done were a painting for my housemate:

And a thing for my mom's nursery school class: 

...And some assorted commissions here and there.  Portraits for a friend's podcast were fun to do:

That podcast is the Shuadcast, by the way.  It'll be up at
For now, check it out here: Shuadcast!

So, I've been doing stuff.  

But I need more!  *makes greedy hands*  So I've got some painting ideas in the works, and once all this school related insanity is done, I'll be working on comics. is getting an overhaul, for example.  

Donna might actually go somewhere.  
The pages right now mostly look like this:

But should look like this: 

To give a better idea, this is what the page looks like with the background kinda in, but the foreground not yet colored:

Lastly, I'll be working on one fourth of a comic for someone else. Here is a preview of the kind of stuff that'll entail: 


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