Sunday, May 5, 2013

A-Lot-A-Con and Migraine Madness

I had the opportunity to go to A Lot A Con at Oneonta yesterday.  It was a one day, first time out convention and for a first go at it, it was very well organized.  Next year, I hope to spread the word a bit more and get more people to show.  It also unfortunately fell on Free Comic Book Day. 

I dragged my Knight, Rob with me to spread his comic and sell some prints.  
We looked like this: 

And this generally leaves everyone around us like this:

I learned that trick from my sickeningly cute parents.  Blame them. 

In any case, the con was going pretty well.  We met some nice people, I sold some things:
And Rob took commissions on site in the form of drawing people as potatoes or doing custom monsters. 
Here is my take on one of them: 
His were better. 

Now, to understand the oddity that I really have become, you have to realize that when I'm stressed, I'll respond the same way in public that I do at home.  This is generally fine, but it makes for some strange habits.  One has been rationalized as a positive thing, which makes it even worse.  

You see, if I'm drawing or sculpting or whatever and I am hungry and I don't want to get my food on everything, sometimes I'll just stick my head into whatever I'm eating, like I'm a horse: 

Of course, this also works in the opposite direction, as it prevents my hands from touching my food when I've been doing artwork and my hands look like this, regardless of washing: 

In any case, this certainly looks bizarre to the people around me, and because of the utter CRAP I've been ingesting lately, as well as how infrequently I eat, I've been getting headaches.



Having a migraine in a situation I can't really leave is usually something I can power through, but it makes it so I reeeaaallllly don't care what people think anymore.  I'll make strange faces in an attempt to ease the pain, for example.  After a while at this particular convention, I learned that if I closed my left eye, things were much better.  

If I had an eye-patch, I could have just cosplayed as a pirate:

Rob suggested I get a mask, like the Phantom of the Opera:

Instead, I wound up like this:

Still, we reached out to a few fans (both known and new) and we managed to have a good time, regardless of my turning into a pumpkin.  


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