Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Some people are aware that Oh Hell, Donna! used to look very different.  
This is because the first page was done long before even Deddrie (www.deddrie.com) was a thing, and that comic has been around for about a decade or so.  
Oh crap.  
How old am I???

In any case, I'm not ready to show you those embarrassing days of Donna yet.  
I might for fun once the comic is up and running. 

Instead, I'll show you a different thing that wound up a giant pile of failure.  
I'm showing you this because I KEPT it.  
I kept it just like I kept everything of Donna, until I was ready to come back to it again. 

My hope is that one day, Risker will go that way too. 
Actually, I think it would work well as a videogame.  

 This was the page that made it to any kind of portfolio:

Out of the twenty something pages planned, only four were ever completed...

And they were mostly shitty.  

I was BIG on detail work, but I had no sense of anatomy or pacing or layout or...  Anything, really. 

That being said, the style itself was kind of neat, and if I ever have the time, I might use it for something else *coughDONNAcough* 

The two main characters were Risker: 

Such... emo... 

And Katryna, who I'd need to rename.

Seeeeee, she was created before the hurricane of a different spelling, but I feel the fact that her main move is to spin around like a bladed tornado might cause some problems.  
I'll have to think about that one...  

Other sketches for her and what eventually became her were about as unsuccessful as those two random tails you'll never see again. 

 (Was this early Rage or...?)
 If she were a superhero...
Future... steampunk... something?  

Oh, and the plot of this story had something to do with Risker's mom being kidnapped to use as basically a mini baby factory for monsters.  
He spends the first half of his story looking for her, and the other half trying to defeat his dad... 

Who has one of the worst character designs ever.  

Even the Snykelbei...stump... Whatever.  

Even that thing that eventually became a scratch drawing for whatever reason: 

Started off with a different design: 
I went through a phase of things like this, and I wanted them ALL to be in Risker. 

The henchmen/soldiers eventually got more human-like: 

AAaaaaand of course there were plenty of other characters that didn't quite make it. 

Seriously.  The Hell was some of this crap? 

Oh, and all the badguys had a symbol that worked as a brand.  
Risker and Kat both had them as well, though Risker's is shorter because he flipped out and screwed it up.  

These were other ideas for that thing: 
Fun fact, that top one was made into a real, wearable necklace in a shop class once.  
Made out of metal and everything.  
It was Kat's necklace, you see.  
I was like, really sure that I was going to stick with this particular storyline and such.  
SO sure, that I have a tattoo and everything.  


Mind you, I love my tattoo, and at this point it represents more of who I am than it ever did for this comic.  

Still, I'd like to make this into something one day.  

We'll see.  

For now, it'll wait in the morgue just like Donna, Stitches, Moth and everything else I brought back in the last few years did before.  

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