Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snow Day

Looking out the window today, I am reminded that…

I have always hated the snow.

Mostly, I only looked forward to snow when there was enough to keep me from standing outside neck deep in it, waiting for the bus. 

Now, don't say to me, "Then why live here???"

I have lived in the harsh desert lands as well. 
Didn't work out.

I like it here.  I do. 

I also think the snow is very pretty. 

And not liking to be in the snow, even as a child, certainly didn't stop my friends from outright forcing me to have a good time in the white, Wintery muck. 

I did, indeed, have a good time.

…Once in a while. 

Even in high school, we used a recycling bin:

Created snow-bricks:

And used said bricks of snow to make a very intense snow-fort:

It was around this time that it occurred to me that growing up didn't have to mean no longer having fun or being imaginative. 

Being inventive is what makes life interesting. 

After two nose bleeds, literal blood, sweat, and tears went into making that damn fort.

There were also many times before and after that day where R rated snow people were created.

Still, none of these memories, precious as they are, can convince me that going outside in the snow is better than sitting cozy inside, watching the snow from a window instead. 

Happy snow day, to those who have it today.  

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