Thursday, February 20, 2014

Wednesdays and Driving Like an Adult

I should start this off by mentioning that I wrote this on a Wednesday, yet I'm posting it a day later at around eleven something PM.  
That should give you an idea of how Wednesdays go for me. 

I'm becoming like a syndicated cartoon strip, with how much I hate Wednesdays. 

I still have to take the road test to get my license (and get a car) and Wednesdays are the day everyone seems to be most busy. 
This year, I've had class every Wednesday. 
This means, every Wednesday has been me totally alone…

and then suddenly off to school.

This wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't had the anxiety issues and all that.
I wound up just kind of doing nothing all day every day last semester, unless I had somewhere to be.  

I was fine once people were home… but yeah.  It was a pretty bad semester. 

Of course, next week will be awful, even though Rob is home all day, but that is for the opposite reason.

Bored is awful.

Busy is awful. 

Next week, we have a meeting together, then I have an interview in another town, and then I have class. 

Why does everything have to happen on Wednesdays?

Either way, I am aware that I need to start driving.  

This need does not change the fact that I don't want to and have never really wanted to.
Owning a car sounds awesome, without the insurance costs and all that. 
I just don't wanna drive it. 

To alleviate my automatic fear, I tend to make Mario Kart-like noises, especially on turns.

They can't fail me for that on the road test, right? 

I will say, I'm not an awful driver, despite my fear.  

I even avoided an accident yesterday when a woman came peeling out of a side street without looking.

I'm not afraid of dying in a car, by the way.
I'm afraid of being maimed.  Losing a limb… 

Hurting the car someone else owns is also on that list of fears. 


I hate Wednesdays. 

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