Saturday, August 11, 2012

Music, Insanity and Ponies

First of all, here is what happened the first time I ever came in contact with a male mosquito:

They are horrible. I can understand why the blood sucking females do not resemble the males though. If they did, we would have found a way to kill them all many years ago.

So. Yeah. 
My anxieties.

I've been eating better (for the most part) but my diet is pretty limited. It mostly consists of the following:

The occasional rice, green pepper, onions... Random things are thrown in too.

As far as the status of my brain goes, oh my crap.

On the advice of a good friend, I had started hearing Spock in my head whenever I had a panic attack:

This was mostly to try to counteract the voice of Leo from The Producers:
Because, let's face it.  THIS is what I have become.

After a while, nothing made sense anymore and it was all just Freakazoid:

...And while that one was fun, my sanity began to drift even further from me:

Today was particularly bad because it was like they were all having some kind of disco themed tea party in my skull, and Edgar Allan Poe was also there, but just sitting in the corner moping.

To keep my brain occupied, I've finally begun doing some artwork again.  
A lot of tentacles:

They all glow in the dark and react to black light.  The pink one is over twice the size of the other three.  I have since found more canvi... whatever to do more.  Wooo!

And then some fan art of my two favorite blondes: 
 There was no reason.  
It chilled me out though, and I needed that.  

Oh?  Rowyn is full of panic and despair?  Not to worry.  She can just draw Beetlejuice picking his nose and Alice hating everything. 

This one is actually old, but I don't know if I've shown the internet yet so here 'tis.  How I personally celebrate Xmas:

And finally, Music.  The first one was done a couple (few?  How old am I?) years ago.  The second was done as a way to replace the first after my ex decided to take it.  I plan on making prints of each to go side my side.  Maaaaybe flip one?  


In other news, I'm back to drawing Deddrie and Helenore:

as ponies:

...I have no explanation. 

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