Saturday, August 18, 2012


As you may know from Laundry Day is a Very Dangerous Day, our cat has been shitting all the goddamn where.

She had already been to the vet and been dubbed healthy.  We've tried new cat toys, litter, litter boxes, no litter boxes, too many litter boxes...

Finally it was decided to clip off the hair from her butt and see if that would help.

The cat is trolling us, so we decided to humiliate her.  No, not really.  Really, it was supposed to make her more comfortable.  She was also going to get another check up just to be sure.

Getting her into the crate was an adventure.  My mother told me to secretly get the crate while she tricked the cat enough to pick the cat up, facing her away from said crate.

Then, we had to pour the cat into the crate, with the crate facing upward.


 I shit you not.  The cat was most displeased.

The car ride was horrible, if only for the amazing amount of sad, SAD cat whining coming from the back seat.


Made worse by my mother's amazing ability to say horrible things as though they are not horrible.

 Once there, she was equally difficult to dump out of the crate.


 When taken away to have her butt hair clipped, I drew this at the office:



Getting her back in to go home was easy, and she was very quiet on the ride home.

Since then, she's just been vomiting instead.

...On my purse.

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