Monday, August 20, 2012

Reader Questions! One!

Reader Question!!

From Jenniquelle.  ...Or "Jeniquelle?"  I don't remember.  Jenny Jenny with a French sounding thing.
She asked stuff:

“Why do you draw hands and fingers all long and skinny?  Is it a style thing, or is it a reference you use?  Are your hands really like that?”

While varying in just how insanely rude, this is actually a question that has come up a lot.

The answer lies in this picture:

I’ve been told (by good friends, mind you) that I have “spider hands”…  Yes.

EDIT: My very close friend who apparently pays a "great deal of attention to people's hands" just read this and said "Oh pah, you don't have spider hands.  You have very expressive hands and square fingered idiots with much less grace just don't understand how you could do it."  Yay!  So *sticks out tongue*  I be purdy.

This can be further explained by actual photographs here: Of Vomit, Fire Water and Hospitals

The other question was from an anonymous person, asking if I have any seriously irrational fears.  The answer is yes, many.  I'll do a separate post to list my stupid ass fears and my irrational behavior and habits.

...To clarify, I'll be doing the ones I've always had.  Nothing new from the past half a year.  I've gotten so full of fuckness that it just wouldn't be fair to the neuroses that have been with me forever.

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